F2F2 – we’re good to go

The 2016/17 session members have been busy!


All colour selections are in, and my word, we’re looking fabulous!  It’s a wonderful collection of bright, brilliant, zingy and awesome shades, and even better, there are crossovers so we can use the same colours again for different members and make the best use of the fabrics we buy. I’m thrilled at the idea of all the beautiful scraps I’ll have to play with afterwards. I can feel another scrappy quilt coming on…

I admit I’m now almost chewing my nails with excitement because next month it’s finally my turn for F2F1, but I’m so looking forward to getting started with F2F2 in June.

Just so you know, Nanette is hoping to be stitching along ‘beside’ us, as it were; she couldn’t commit to joining the whole session, but she’s hoping to make three blocks for herself each month too, so I’m hoping we can do a guest spot for her at the end.

Six weeks till we begin… 😉