F²F²: And we’re off!

Welcome, everyone, to the first month of F²F²!

cropped-f2fheadernograb.jpgWe start this new round with Lynn’s gorgeous colour choices. Hop over to the colour page to see what we’re all working with, and to get your fabric shopping list sorted out if you haven’t already started. Oh dear, fabric shopping, what a hardship!

As before, it is the plan to refrain from posting about the blocks you have made until their new owner has confirmed they have arrived. It appears you’ve all enjoyed the surprise of opening the squishies that arrived in the mail, so we’ll keep this going. If you have questions for each other, please use the email addresses I have provided on the member list – this does not appear on the blog for privacy reasons, and if you have mislaid it, please let me know and I’ll send it again.

As this block swap only runs for 9 months, you will hopefully find it more enjoyable and less of a problem to make the three blocks each month. If you were in the previous F²block swap, let me urge you to send me images of the blocks you made for yourselves, as in most cases I don’t have these. And of course, I want photos of your beautiful finished quilts 🙂

So ladies, get sewing. Ready, set, go!

10 thoughts on “F²F²: And we’re off!”

  1. I’ve made my three and I’ll take photos tomorrow and send them to you in case anybody wants some inspiration. I’ve decided that this quilt will be for my husband to take to the U.K. with him and keep in his apartment there. I’ve been meaning to make him one for ages and it just occurred to me the other day that the colour choice is quite ‘masculine’ enough so it already has a home lined up.


    1. Righto. It may take a while till I’m able to put them it, depending on how well I recover from surgery, but they’ll go up in the gallery as soon as I’m able. I’m glad M. Tialys will reap the benefit, you’re right, it’s a good masculine colour scheme.


    1. Absolutely sure. Sewing is one thing I’ll be allowed to do when I get home. No bending, lifting, raising my arms over my head too much (that’s housework and laundry out of the question then), no driving (can’t go shopping for groceries), so what else could I possibly be doing?

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