2018/2019 Members and their Colours

In this session, F²F³, we have 9 members, and the swap will run from June 2018 to February 2019.

Each member gets three colours, plus a ‘background’ neutral of white or cream. Colour names may be as specific as you like, but you may not choose a Pantone reference or request a particular fabric.

Click on any image to enlarge for more details. Colour references will be  updated as they become available. The names and colour selections for each month are:

Name: Lynn

Grey (light through to charcoal), beige tones and vintage rose pink as a highlight.  Background to be cream (rather than white).


Name: Sue

Blues and white. Navy to cobalt to light blues plus white. If there are spots of other colors in the blue prints that will be okay

Name: Claire

I fancy something in turquoise, grey and black on white.


Name: Nanette

This quilt has the look and mix of blues I want, just with blush pink in there and no white/cream.

My colours are shades of blue, any, from light to dark to teal and aqua, with blush/dusky pink. Backgrounds are any blues too. A print that has small amounts of other colours in is fine, but not anything that overwhelms the blues and pinks. And I prefer not to have any modern/improv blocks please. I’d love some baskets, if anyone wants to do them – I’d love an appliqué block or two, but not to worry if you want to stay with pieced. Here’s my Pinterest board.


Name: Moira

I’m using this feather/egg fabric, and would like blocks featuring various shades of browns – assorted tans, golden browns, and dark browns.  The print features eggs in a light grey blue, which is what I’d like to have for an accent color in the blocks. Background is cream, and I’m wanting a variety cream tonal fabrics.


Name: Robin

The cerise of the flower, the blue of the vase and a little orange, any shade of these colours. Background white if necessary


Name: Esther

I would love blocks in the colours of my plant pots from my garden:
Green: mint, yellow-green,  brighter sage.
Blue: duck egg blue, vintage 50’s blue, pastelly blue-purple
Grey: medium warm grey
Any colour that lies in between these in the colour spectrum is perfectly fine too.
A sprinkling of white is OK too!


Name: Kathy

 My colors are sky blue, a sort of cornflower blue, and gray: from silvery gray to as dark as charcoal, with white as my neutral.  I don’t see having a dash of other colors in a print being an issue, but would prefer they be more on the cool side. I am seeing the sky blue, grays and white being the main focus with smaller bits of the darker blue.    I made a Pinterest board with some photos, here’s the link. I will continue to try and add to it at least into the next week or so:


Name: Kate

Colours: Soft amethyst and slate grey, with white in the background if necessary. Please, no strong, bright purples, I’m after a vintage, dusty, faded effect.Greys vary from medium to light. There can be touches of other colours – see featured fabrics.




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