F²F³: FootSquare Freestyle season 3

By popular demand, F2F is back! I took a year out to work on other things, but I, and others, have missed the fun of working on this block swap, so it’s back – 9 members and 9 months of fun, starting tomorrow.

If you haven’t come across it before, FootSquare Freestyle is exactly what it says: foot-square (12 inch) blocks in any style. Everyone in the group make three each month and send them to that month’s  lucky member.  We all end with 3 blocks from each of the others, and make three of our own. The only common element is the colour scheme; members get to choose up to 3 colours for their month, and then sit back and wait to see what everyone else makes for them!  There’s no mandatory fabric or pattern, and each member takes it in turn to be the beneficiary of all this colourful loveliness. For this reason, it’s a swap that suits all skill levels, and is also a great way of skill-building, since it gives you an opportunity to try or perfect a design or process you’re not familiar with, and move on quickly to something different if it’s not for you.

If you look at the Gallery Page for the last series, you’ll see the huge range of designs for each month and colour. There’s a lot of inspiration there, and I like to encourage members to offer as much variety as possible in the blocks they produce. At the end of each month, all 27 blocks should be up in the new gallery for you to enjoy.

The 2018 Members and their Colours page shows what everyone has chosen for their blocks this time round.  Not all the choices may be in as of the date of this post, but I’ll update as and when I get the information.

I can’t wait to get stuck in!