2020 Members and their Colours

Please ensure you read the captions to the colour references, as they contain more detailed information. Note that the colour references are shown as they came in, not in order of the month each member receives her blocks.

Kate Chiconi

Colours: pale to mid grey, white, and a bright or brights of your choice except not yellow. Filler prints or plain preferred but not essential. Scraps welcome!

You can find this Pinterest board here.

Susan Nixon

Blocks either red and white or blue and white, or red, white and blue, but NOT blue and red. It can be scrappy pieces, too.

Robin Murphy

My colours for this year are blues and yellows with a white background if needed. All shades of blue from light to darkest Navy like the blue wren. The yellow can be pale through to mustard and gold. Just like the sunflowers. Fabrics can have blue and yellow in the same fabric or be just blue, yellow or white.

Tracy Pursley

Christmas colours: Red, burgundy, rose-emerald, sage, lime, choose three from the selection, it’s all good. I prefer cream not white for the background, and smaller traditional prints.

Sue Brown

I’d like my blocks to be made in blues and browns. From the palest shades of true blue (but NOT teal or turquoise or aqua, etc.) to indigo, and ecru to milk chocolate brown (but avoid khaki).

Margaret Creek

My colours are soft blues, creams and a touch of sand/taupe

Monike Hawkes-Frost

I am using indigo prints with golden yellow and accents of magenta (hot pink), with an optional white background.

Edith Csokmay

Tonals and prints in black and white, with primary and jewel colors, no pastels.

You can find this Pinterest board here

Lynn Hutton

I’ve chosen peacock colours, mostly because I don’t have anything at all in this colour range and fancy a change. For the three colours, I’d say, Emerald Green, Gold, and Royal Blue OR Purple, and I don’t want a background colour – i.e. no white or cream.

Moira McSpadden

Red (any shades), White and Blue (true blues not teals or aquas please). The blocks will be used for an American Heroes donation quilt, so it needs to be patriotic colours.


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