About Foot2Freestyle

Foot2Freestyle is a block swap party in monthly parts. The purpose is for each member to make and send three foot-square (12 inch) blocks each month to each of our members in turn. When it’s your month, you will receive three blocks from each of the other participants, and you make three for yourself. At the end of the process, each member will have a number of foot-square blocks to assemble into one big quilt, a couple of smaller quilts or some other patchwork delight of their choice. We each assemble, quilt and bind our own items. Over the course of each month, the completed blocks will be displayed in the gallery on this site.

When it’s her allocated month, each member picks up to three different colours or just one, and they can be literally any colour (but you may not specify Pantone® or other proprietary references, since these may be impossible for members to match in fabric). As it’s ‘Freestyle’, members will get quite a bit of variation and there may be unanticipated colours amongst the dominant ones. We view this as a happy accident, and as an opportunity to end up with a quilt incorporating choices which are fresh and unexpected. For the most part, though, we each end up with a quilt in the colour(s) we’ve chosen. Only the colour may be chosen, the design of the block is also ‘Freestyle’.

All blocks are to be a finished size of 12” square, PLUS a ¼” seam allowance around the outside, giving a total of 12½”. ‘Foot Square’, remember?

This block swap is now in its fifth annual series, and many of the original members have been with us since the beginning, so we must be doing something right.

This site’s function is solely for the purpose of displaying colour information and the finished blocks each month.  F2F monthly round-ups will continue to be featured on Kate’s blog, which can be found here:


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