2016/2017 Members and their Colours

This time round, we have 9 members, and the swap will run from June 2016 to February 2017.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 8.31.16 am

The names and colour selections for each month are:

Name: Lynn
Colours: Navy blue with mustard or gold and perhaps some grey with white as background.  I don’t mind some other blues creeping in if they are dark (but not bright) or even some black.  Bright yellow is a definite no – just to be picky. Here’s a link to my Pinterest inspiration page https://fr.pinterest.com/thetialys/colour-inspirations-for-f2f-20162017-quilt/ where the colours are sort of flat and muted – not shouty.  
Visual references (Pinterest page):
Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 11.21.07 pm


Name: Sandra
Colours: Plum and pale green, with a cream background
Visual references:
Sandras Colours 3 Sandras Colours 1

Name: Sue
Colours: Orange and yellow on black, which can  have a small pattern in it but must be predominantly black.
Visual references:
Cindys ground orchids

Name: Moira
Colours: Red, blue and gold for my colors with either a white tonal or cream tonal background.
Visual references:
Moira's colours

Name: Kate
Colours: Mostly dark navy, hot pink and bright orange, a bit of white background. A little bit of bright green, yellow or aqua would be OK if it features in a print.
Visual references:
F2F Collage


Name: Susan
Colours: Lilac and aqua, cream background
Visual references:

Name: Gun
Colours: Bright blue, yellow and pink. It might seem a bit bizarre, but look at the photo and you’ll see how well they go together. The background can be white or one of the three chosen colors.
Visual references:

Name: Esther
Colours: Hot pink/magenta, muted dark green and grey on a white or creme background. (I prefer fabrics that read as solids or have small scale patterns.)
Visual references:

Name: Claire
Colours: Rainbow lorikeet colours: bright blue, orange and green. Background: white.
Visual reference:

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